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Clickdeath Bowling

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CD is BACK! Kill all the stickman in the bowling alley using the wrath of your mouse! Just don't let them see each...


1.Click the coin on the floor
2.When the bowling ball knocks down the pins click the man working on the machinery
3.Click the screen of the video game when the two boys start playing
4.Keep on clicking the guy with the bowling ball until the ball goes out of lane
5.The guy is going to go to the man on the counter for help.When they are returning keep on clicking the guy who went to ask for help
6.Now timing is important.When the guy is walking up to the bowling ball click the green button on the screen beside the guy who is bowling
7.The guy who is bowling will walk up to another lane to get a bowling ball.Click the red button besides that when he bends down to pick the ball.
Hope it helps.(Like if it does)
Have a killing day..


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