Level 1

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Causality Office

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1. Click the red and blue things on the water cooler

2. Click the guy on the far right

3. Click the red thing on the ground, then click the water cooler

4. Do the same with blue as you did with red

5. Click the guy who left's chair leg

6. Click the guy

7. Click the table when the guy falls

8. Click the printer until it starts smoking

9. Click the guy next to the printer

10. Click the elevator

11. When the elevator opens, click the elevator

12. Click all the flowers on the table

13. Click the cabinet on the lower left

14. Click the rectangle in the kitchen

15. Click the blinds on the DOOR, NOT THE WINDOW

16. Click the yellow box as the guy is pouring his food

17. Click the guy leaning back in his chair as the other guy is bringing his food back

18. Click the guy on the lower left

19. Click the vase

20. The guy in the office should choke, the guy should die from the water cooler. You win!


Mouse to play.


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