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Booty Rider

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I know you are looking for a challenging game that can offer you some great bits of racing, but also more than that, then Booty Rider is perfect for you. You can learn and perform many exciting stunts, and you can change the appearance of your bike and your character. Booty Rider offers you several amazing levels that will help you gain experience and money that you can use to improve your skills.
Booty Rider is a very complex game that requires you not only to race, but also to practice in order to learn new stunts, and buy new things from your earnings in order to improve your character's reputation. You have to win races to earn money and experience points necessary to learn stunts, so that's where you have to start! At the beginning of the Booty Rider, you can customize the appearance of your character. You can choose her hairstyle, skin colour and bathing suit. On the map, you can see several locations you can visit: a clothes shop, garage and your home. Since you have no money or experience points, you should start by winning a race or two! When you start racing, use the arrows on your keyboard to control your bike. Press the up or down buttons to move forward and backward, and the left and right arrows to lean your bike to one side or the other. Booty Rider allows you to perform stunts with the buttons from 1 to 5, but only if you have enough stamina.
If you are looking for new and unique game, try out Booty Rider for an amazing adventure!


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